Just a quick passage to explain who I am and how this portfolio came about.

My name is Mark Clayton born in Aldershot 1969, now living with my wife, daughter and granddaughter in a small village just outside Cardiff. I do have two other sons who have all grown up and flown the coop. I have spent most of my life jumping from job to job with nothing more than a standard school education. Photography has always been a hobby of mine but nothing more until recently. Now studying a BA Hons Photography at the Open College of the Arts my photos have started to reshape themselves into something new, I have had to force myself into new experiences to keep the course flowing.

The portfolio I have put together are mostly made up of work I have created recently since starting the course and is there for anyone to enjoy. If there is anything you wish to ask me regarding the photos just click the contact button and drop me an email.

Links to my social media pages as well as my University work are in the top right hand corner.
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